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blanqueamiento dental medellin


Conservative dental restoration that is performed when there is extensive damage to the dental structure

Why an aesthetic dental inlays?

When a conventional restoration (resin) can not be made since there is no support to hold a resin (also known as shim) in the affected tooth

blanqueamiento dental medellin

Benefits of making an aesthetic dental inlay

Care after an esthetic dental inlays

Maintain good oral hygiene

If you suffer from bruxism, make a dental plaque to prevent deterioration of the incrustation

In general, take care of the tooth or teeth that carry the incrustation

Before and after an aesthetic dental inlays

Prices of an Aesthetics dental inlays


Prices starting at: COP $900.0000

Discount on
Aesthetic dental inlays

The discount applies only for one procedure at a time

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